We desire to create an atmosphere of inquiry, discovery, and trust wherein each child has an opportunity to explore his or her talents and grow intellectually.


We strive to provide a safe, positive and challenging environment for effective physical, social, and emotional development and strong cultural awareness.


We seek to provide students with opportunities for practicing and articulating their faith and values with the aim of deepening their spirituality and character.

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Our preschool program is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools' AdvancED program and licensed by the Office of Child Care of the Maryland State Department of Education.

Saint Francis International School follows the curriculum standards and policies of the Archdiocese of Washington as well as the regulations of Maryland's Office of Child Care that pertain to preschool programs.  We particularly emphasize a focus on the whole-child (mind, body, and spirit). 

Our preschool curriculum is sensitive to the needs of a culturally and linguistically diverse student population. English language learning support and the school counselor are available to assist the preschool teachers.

We work to provide a learning environment that challenges students to grow to their fullest potential utilizing their unique skills and talents.

We assess our students’ success using a broad range of formative and summative assessments. 



Our school day is 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.

Extended care is available before school from 6:45 am - 8:00 am and after school from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm.

Our school year runs from late August/early September through June.

Our school year is 180 days. Refer to our school calendar for more information about our school year.


Age Requirements

Placement in a preschool class at Saint Francis International School is determined by a combination of birth date, intellectual development, social/emotional development, and space.

Generally, students are placed using the following guidelines:

PreK 3 These classes consist of three year-olds who are fully potty trained and younger four year-olds. Students must be at least 34 months on Sept. 1st to be considered for admission.

PreK 4: These classes consists only of students whose fourth birthday occurs before Sept. 1st of the current school year and who will be "age-eligible" for Kindergarten the following year..

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Our Curriculum

We emphasize the need to prepare our young children for success in elementary school and beyond while acknowledging their specific developmental abilities and needs. Accordingly, our curriculum focuses on intellectual development, social and emotional development, and physical development in a comprehensive and holistic manner. Academic and social skills are woven into a curriculum that balances children's need for play, art, and friendship with their curiosity and desire to learn.

Our preschool program uses the Maryland Model for School Readiness as a guide. Our program uses integrated curricula that address all of the domains of learning and provides students with knowledge and experiences in all of the main academic content areas.


Our Books and Materials

Currently the St. Camillus preschool program uses the following books and materials. These series may be changed for the 2010-2011 school year.

PreK 3 uses Let's Begin with the Letter People as the core academic curriculum.

PreK 4 uses Little Treasures by Macmillan McGraw Hill as the core academic curriculum..


Our Teachers

The heart of our program is our well trained group of teachers. Their service to our children is born out of their faith and their desire to see each child grow to his or her fullest potential. Our teachers hold the belief that each child is unique and special and deserving of love and attention.